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Push Pull Pickling LIne (PPH)

Product Overview:Shallow Turbulence Type with PPH Tank Inquiry : rfq@jingxiang.com.cn

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Pickling line is used to clean out the surface of hot rolled steel strip. It also contains surface leveling, side trimming and rust prevent function.
JX Industrial also supplies shallow turbulence type pickling line with PPH tanks. In order to improve pickling line reliability and reduce maintenance cost, JX industrial adopts PPH material into push pull type pickling line. 
Process flow of push-pull  pickling line:
loading—decoiling – leveling—shearing –pickling-- bushing  –rinsing –drying—looper—side trimming –shearing –oiling –recioling—unloading
Technical parameter:
--Input Material: Hot rolled Coil
--Coil Thickness Range: 1.5-6.0mm
--Max. Coil Width: 1550 mm
--Max. Line Speed: 150 m/min 
--Pickling Medium: HCL
--Max. Coil Weight: 30 T
--Max. Anneal Capacity: 450,000 T/Y
Inquiry :  rfq@jingxiang.com.cn

--Less maintenance cost
--Easy to install
--more reliable and longer life cycle
--More environment friendly 
--Flexible operation, annual capacity range: 100,000 to 450,000 T/Y.
--With acid circulation system reduce consumption of acid. 
--A wide range of product sizes
--Shallow bath and special temperature make a high efficiency use of acid and  pickling rate
--Less cost for stopping production
--Small space required
Inquiry :  rfq@jingxiang.com.cn

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