Color Coating Line

Color coating line

Product Overview:Color Coating Line is a processing of coating sheet with organic paint. The coated sheet has good characteristic of printing, forming, corrosion resistance and decoration, and it still keeps the performance of high strength and deformability. The production of color coating sheet with high quality and multi-function develops recently, and the sheet with high corrosion resistance, high deformability, fingerprint resistance and microbial resistance will share part of market.

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Process flow of color coating line:


Coil loading car--pay-off reel--shear--riveter--entry loop--alkali washing--water washing--hot air drying--chemical coating--chemical coating drying--primer coating--primer drying--air drying--printing machine(reserved)--varnish coating--laminator--vanish(laminating)cooling--exit loop--shear--tension reel--coil unloading car


Technical parameter:


Material Thickness Width Speed Thickness of Dry Coating Energy

cold rolled strip,

GI,GL,Aluminum strip

0.15-2.0mm 300-1530mm 20-150m/min 15-60μm electricity and gas


We provide following two kinds of plating line: 1. CCL for building ; 2.CCL for home appliance.


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